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Word on the Street

Brazil is a full experience. It is an album that provokes emotion, it is an introspective album that makes your think, it is an album that requires your attention, it is an album that at times gets funky, it is an album that improves your day, it is an album to share, it is heartfelt, it is pure, it is truth.

-Tim Newby SLIDE AND

Ace songwriting always helped Minnesota hippies the Big Wu stand apart from their fellow Deadheaded jammers. So it should be no surprise this first solo effort by the band’s guitarist/co-vocalist is a lyrical and melodic wonderland, straight-up accessible and downright moving.

-Chris Riemenschnider STAR TRIBUNE

The Big Wu frontman has seen all of Minnesota in his career, and now he’s immortalized those journeys in his first solo album, Brazil. Vast and sincere, the record is suffused with the experience of the road. … you can play it with your eyes closed from inside your lockdown, imagining the big state unfolding in the windshield before you.

-Jerard Fagerberg, CITYPAGES

When I listen to his writing and recordings, I often come to a place of wonder…like he’s figured out the gateway. His music is a conduit to your processing of your own life, perhaps a gateway to your own connection with the universe. the more that I listen to “Brazil”, the more I wonder if it’s one of my favorite’s of all time.


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